Providing real-time telemetry monitoring, by combining live monitoring by certified technicians with continuous real-time analysis by QRS morphology. Our proprietary device is a 3-in-1 unit, capable of performing Holter, Cardiac Event, and Mobile Telemetry. Physicians ordering Mobile Telemetry will have access to a complete Holter report every day that the patient wears the recorder, enabling a faster diagnosis and more accurate reporting.


​Our medical grade skincare line that includes professional peels, EpiReset and EpiRenew. Clear Choice also has a number of cosmetically elegant home care products with state of the art ingredients to maximize results

Presenting AQ Skin Solutions, a unique growth factor line with anti-aging properties for face, eye and lash. AQ offers both consumer products and professional products, including treatments for scalp health (hair growth) and vaginal rejuvenation.


eVisit is a state-of-the-art telemedicine service that gives patients and clinicians the ability to interact virtually via PC, tablet or smartphone.

MedPro disposal is the country’s largest privately held medical waste disposal company. The average practice who switched to MedPro in 2015 saved almost $3,000 per year.

UniteRx has developed a comprehensive turn-key program called U-Fill. This unique system allows your practice to dispense prescription medications in your office to your patients.